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OTA Publishes Rent Increase Cap Calculator for Rent Control Year Starting May 1

Thursday, February 1, 2024

With this notice, the OTA is publishing its first-ever "OTA Rent Control Rent Increase Cap" calculator.  As explained in our related news item here: REVISED Summary of New Rent Control Rent Increase Caps: 2.9% for elderly/disability tenants; 4.9% for most other tenants, this year's rent increase caps for rent-controlled units are quite complicated for one category of tenants.  If you are a non-elderly / non-disability tenant and you received your last rent increase in May or June 2023, please use the OTA’s calculator here: OTA’s 2024 Rent Increase Cap Calculator.

This calculator will help you determine your maximum rent increase for Rent Control Year 2024 (5/1/24-4/30/25).  When you are notified of your next rent increase – taking effect in Rent Control Year 2024 – use the calculator again to double-check the math. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the OTA at 202-719-6560.